Basket Bag

Has this ever happened to you…

You’ve been tasked with making up a gift basket for your (work, kid’s sports team, school fundraiser…) and you’re dreading trying to wrap the darn thing with that bulky roll of cello wrap!!

Am I right?!

Or you need to wrap up a housecoat and you don’t have a proper sized box?

What about a wine bottle? A mug?

Yup, we’ve all been there at some point.

So what’s the solution?

Basket bags!

What are those, you may be asking? Well, basket bags are a wonderful invention that makes wrapping SO MUCH EASIER!

And guess what?

They’re not just for gift baskets! Nope, you can you them for other things as well. The great thing is basket bags come in a variety of sizes. Click here to see all the sizes.

Basket Bags

5 ways to use basket bags-

In this post, we’ll show you 5 ways you can use basket bags that will make you look like a pro!

#1. Gift baskets!

Basket Bag

Let’s start off with the most obvious, gift baskets!

Basket bags make wrapping up gift baskets a breeze. Once you’ve created your gift basket, simply place it into a basket bag, tie securely at the top and that’s it!

Click here for our step-by-step tutorial on how to put together a gift basket including how to use a basket bag.


#2. Baked goods!

Basket Bag

You’ve baked up a batch of your incredible, to-die-for cookies for some friends but you’re not sure how to wrap them up.

Basket bags!

Just put them in boxes, slip them into basket bags, tie and add bows. You’ll look like a hero every time!

Click here for our cookie box tutorial.


#3. Wine bottles!

Basket Bag

Gifts of wine shouldn’t be given in plain brown paper bags! So what should you use?

Basket bags!

Take your wine bottle wrapping to the next level. Slide your bottle into a 7″ x 20″ size basket bag, tie at the top and add a perfect bow. Done.

TIP: To make your bottle look absolutely perfect, tuck the basket bag under the bottle and secure with clear tape.


#4. Mugs!

Basket Bag

Mugs are the ideal teacher/coach/co-worker/neighbor/anyone else gift. Add in some tea, coffee or hot cocoa and you have a thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost a lot. But how to wrap them so you can see what’s inside?

Basket bags!

Our mug in the above photo (with a bag of coffee inside of it) fits perfectly in a 7″ x 15″ size basket bag.

TIP: As above with the wine bottle, tuck the basket bag under the mug and secure with clear tape.


#5. Clothing!

Basket Bag

Last but not least, we come to clothing.

Have you ever needed to wrap up a t-shirt, hoodie or housecoat but just didn’t have a garment box on hand? We’ve got a solution for that…

Basket bags!

All you have to do is neatly fold the item, slip it into a basket bag, tie it off and you have a perfectly wrapped gift. No need to struggle with the wrong sized boxes when you have basket bags on hand! In the above photo, we put our apron in a 7″ x 20″ sized basket bag.

I’m sure you’ve struggled many times trying to wrap something.

Maybe basket bags could’ve helped you out! Give them a try for your next wrapping adventure and let us know how it went!


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