Wine Packaging

You’ve got the wine bottles, now you need the wine packaging, right?!

Gifts of good cheer are especially popular during the holiday season. Champagne, wine and craft beers make ideal gifts for anyone…from clients and connoisseurs, to friends and family.

After taking the time to pick out that perfect bottle, you also want to package them nicely so they look like, well, a gift!

But…is this what your bottled gifts usually look like??

Wine Packaging

If they do, then you’re in luck!

We’re going to show you 6 easy wine packaging ideas, that don’t include a plain brown bag!

#1 – Tissue Paper

Wine Packaging

One of the easiest yet most elegant wine packaging options is tissue paper. Simply take a sheet of patterned or colored tissue paper (our sheet measured 20″ wide x 30″ long) and place your wine bottle in the center of the sheet.

Slowly gather the tissue paper up, making small pleats as you go. Gather all the tissue at the neck of the bottle and tie with some tinsel cord.

Now you can add a bow to the bottle. Learn how to make this perfect bow here!


#2 – Clear Cello Basket Bags

Wine Packaging

Another simple wine packaging idea is the clear cello basket bag. For our sample in the photo above, we used a 7″x20″ bag that fits a wine bottle perfectly. Once you’ve placed your bottle in the bag, just tie at the neck with some tinsel cord. Remember to add a bow for that finishing touch!

For something a little nicer, we wrapped the bottle on the right in the photo in tissue paper first. Then, place it in the same 7″x20″ bag and tie at the neck. We trimmed the top of this bag a little so the tissue paper could flare out a bit more.


#3 – Organza Bags

Wine Packaging

Maybe you’ve just picked up your bottle on the way (it’s ok, we won’t judge).

If you’re pressed for time, then it doesn’t get any easier than an organza bag.

All you have to do is open the bag, insert the bottle and tie it closed.

That’s it!

Pretty easy, right?!


#4 – Wine Bottle Bags

Wine Packaging

These are so much nicer than a plain brown bag, aren’t they?!

When it comes to wine bottle bags, the options are quite limitless. While to styles, colors and patterns may vary, the product is still the same.

A wine bottle bag is a decorative, handled bag that you place a bottle in. Depending on the style of the bag, you can add some ribbon or a bow to enhance your presentation.

The bag in the above photo is called a Mod Wine Bag (1 and 2 bottle options) and can be found here.


#5 – Wine Bottle Boxes

Wine Packaging

Another idea for wine packaging are bottle boxes. Again, there can be some variation to the design and style of these boxes. Essentially, these are sturdy boxes that you place the wine bottle in. These boxes are ideal for adding ribbon to and can even be custom branded.

The nice thing with wine bottles boxes and bags is that you don’t see what’s inside. This adds to the anticipation when opening them!


#6 – Wine Bottle Carriers

Wine Packaging

Perhaps one of the nicest ideas for wine packaging available!

These elegant wine bottle carriers take your gift to another level of presentation. This makes them very popular for corporate gift giving.

Made in Italy, these handled carriers are very sturdy. They also offer a cut out window to showcase the bottles inside. A little ribbon or label is all you really need to add to the boxes.

Wine Packaging

So the next time you’re giving bottled gifts, don’t settle for a plain brown bag!

Kick your wine packaging up a notch with one of these easy options.


P.S. If you’re looking for a unique way to package up a gift of craft beer, take a look at this post we did!

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