beer giftbasket

Gift baskets are such a perfect way to wrap up multi piece gifts. You put all your pieces in a box or basket, wrap it up with cello and you’re done. When it comes to a beer gift basket though, sometimes you have to think beyond the basket!

Recently, we celebrated my brother in law turning 40. He’s an avid craft beer enthusiast, so I figured this would be the ideal gift for his milestone birthday. I decided on 4 bottles of beer, 1 for each decade! However, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma…how was I going to attractively package up these heavy and awkward beer bottles?!

Since my brother in law loves his lumberjack shirt, I decided to incorporate our lumberjack flannel patterned tissue paper into the beer gift basket. Small touches like that can really personalize your gift basket. Being that my brother in law is a manly kind of guy, I also wanted to make sure the beer gift basket didn’t look too “girly” for him!

Here’s the “creative but manly” beer gift basket in 9 easy steps!!


Step #1 – Your supplies

Beer gift basket

For our beer gift basket we used 4-#124 giftware boxes in natural kraft, 4 sheets of black tissue paper, 4 sheets of lumberjack flannel patterned tissue paper, 1-20’x30″ cello basket bag, tape, natural jute, tinsel cord, red and black grosgrain ribbon and a gift tag from A Paper Life Originals.

Step #1 – Layer the box

Beer gift basket

To start, take 1 sheet of the lumberjack flannel patterned tissue paper, pleat approximately in half lengthwise and layer into the giftware box. Repeat this for each of the four giftware boxes.

Step #2 – Wrap the bottle

Beer gift basket

Next, wrap each beer bottle with 1 sheet of the black tissue paper. Repeat for each bottle.


Step #3 – Place the bottle in the box

Beer gift basket

Once you’ve wrapped each of the beer bottles, place 1 wrapped bottle into each of the layered giftware boxes.

Step #4 – Fold up the tissue

Beer gift basket

Then, carefully fold the ends of the lumberjack patterned tissue paper so that they fit neatly in the giftware box. Repeat for each of the giftware boxes.

Step #5 – Add your bows

Beer gift basket

Now that you’ve got all your beer bottles in the giftware boxes, stand the boxes on their end, with the bottom of the bottle at the base. Tie a small length of ribbon around each of the giftware boxes. This will help keep the boxes closed and prevent any bottles from falling out. To keep it looking “manly”, I just tied a double knot as oppossed to a bow!


Step #6 – Place boxes in basket bag

Beer giftbasket

Next, open up your cello basket bag and carefully place each of the giftware boxes in.


Step #7 – Tie the basket bag

Beer gift basket

Then, take a small length of the tinsel cord and securely tie the top of the cello basket bag. Once you have the top tied, tape the bottom corners of the cello basket bag under the boxes. This will help make your beer gift basket look tidier and more professional.


Step #8 – “Manly” finishing touches!

Beer gift basket

Trying to keep the beer gift basket looking manly, I chose to use grosgrain ribbon and some natural jute cord. I also added a beer gift tag that complimented our gift basket perfectly!


Step #9 – All done!

beer giftbasket

All our beer gift basket needed was a perfect bow and the gift tag. Done!

So, next time you’re doing a beer gift basket, think outside the basket and try something a little more creative!

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