bow on a gift box lid

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve purchased the ideal gift and then struggled (for what feels like hours) to tie the perfect bow on your gift box. You carefully hand the gift box to the recipient who savagely rips off the bow and tosses it to the ground! Grrrrrr!! You just want to cry! Don’t they know how hard that bow was to tie??

The good news is this doesn’t have to be you, anymore!

What if you could tie a perfect bow that would just stay on the gift box lid permanently?

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?? And you know what? It’s very easy to do!

Here’s how you can add the best bow for a gift box lid-

bow on a gift box lid

All you’ll need to get started is some ribbon, double sided tape and a gift box with a lid.

For our box, we used 2 pieces of satin ribbon that were each 25″ long.

Attach a small piece of the double sided tape to the end of your length of ribbon, as in the photo above.

bow on a gift box lid

Peel off the tape backing and attach the ribbon to the inside of the gift box lid. Make sure the ribbon is centered on the box.

bow on a gift box lid

Repeat the above step for the other side of the lid. Now you should have your 2 ribbon lengths attached to opposite sides of your gift box lid.

bow on a gift box lid

Now you’re ready to tie the best bow for a gift box lid! Cross your 2 ribbon lengths in the middle of your box, as shown in the photo above.

bow on a gift box lid

Use your left thumb to hold that cross point tightly in place.

bow on a gift box lid

Now tie your bow as you would your shoelaces, keeping that thumb firmly on the cross point.

It’s a bit tricky to hold and tie at the same time but you definitely don’t want a loose, floppy bow as a result!

Hint: You may want to practice tying your bow with some scrap ribbon first so you get the feel.

bow on a gift box lid


And that’s how you tie the best bow for a gift box lid! It looks so impressive yet it’s super easy to do (no one else needs to know just how easy).

Now go out and try it for yourself!

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