Chinese takeout boxes

Around here, we all have our favourite gift packaging products. Some of us like ribbon, some tissue paper, others giftwrap. But there’s one item we ALL can agree that we really LOVE…

Chinese takeout boxes!!

Yup, that’s right! You can’t help but love how versatile and indispensable Chinese takeout boxes are. They seem so simple and plain yet they can do so much. And they’re not just for Chinese food either!

Let’s explore why we like them so much!


5 reasons why we LOVE Chinese takeout boxes-

Reason #1- They’re plain!

Chinese takeout boxes

The plain white Chinese takeout boxes are our favourite. We like to think of them as blank palettes just waiting for some creativity to bring them to life!

Adding something such as some colourful ribbon can really dress them up. It’s a pretty way to give them filled as gifts or you can easily turn them into perfect party favors!


Reason #2- They’re all one piece!

Chinese takeout boxes

You may not realize it but Chinese takeout boxes are made out of 1 piece of folded paperboard.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that the box has no seams. That’s why you can put saucy or liquidy things inside and they won’t spill out! This makes them not only ideal for noodles and soups but also for puddings and ice cream sundaes.

Oh the possibilities!


Reason #3- They’re coated inside!

Chinese takeout boxes

Another little known fact is that Chinese takeout boxes are completely coated inside.

This means that whatever you put inside won’t seep through the paperboard and look yucky. So you don’t have to be concerned that things like buttery cookies or oily fries will leave grease marks on your boxes.

How awesome is that?!


Reason #4- They’re great for takeout!

Chinese takeout boxes

Well I don’t mean “takeout” like from a restaurant, which of course they are. I mean “takeout” like take them out with you!

You can fit a little or a lot into these Chinese takeout boxes. You can even stack a couple of sizes for larger/mixed portions. Totally ideal for picnics, the office, kid’s sports or anywhere else you need food on the go.

Attach a wooden spoon or fork and you’re set!


Reason #5- They’re available in different sizes!

Chinese takeout boxes

You don’t have to worry about one size fitting all because you’ve got 4 sizes of Chinese takeout boxes to choose from! From the smallest 1/2 pint size to the largest 2 quart size, there’s a size to fit just about any need.


Here’s how the sizes stack up-

(we placed the same 2″ cookie beside each box so you can get an idea of the sizes)

Chinese takeout boxes

Half pint (8oz size)-

This is our most popular size of Chinese takeout boxes!

Maybe because it makes the perfect party favour. Just toss in a few chocolates or candies, add some pretty ribbon and viola!

So. Darn. Cute!


Chinese takeout boxes

Pint (16oz size)-

Now this is a serious snack size!

Mini cupcakes, caramel corn and cookies will all fit perfectly in this size. Would even be a good sized serving of potato salad for your next picnic 😉


Chinese takeout boxes

Quart (32oz size)-

Truly a multipurpose size!

This box size is very popular for cookie exchanges/swaps during the holidays. It fits that “just enough but not too many” amount of cookies, squares or bars.

It’s also a good size for lunch items such as salads and leftovers. In fact, you could use these Chinese takeout boxes to send leftovers (or dessert!) home with your dinner guests.


Chinese takeout boxes

2 Quart (64oz size)-

This one’s BIG!!

It’s generous size makes this takeout box perfect for cupcakes, muffins and pastries. You can also use it for full size meals (hot or cold), for picnics, special events and conventions/seminars.


Chinese takeout boxes

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