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Christmas and cookies go together like peas and carrots…only much yummier!

After deciding which cookie recipes to make, now you have to decide on to how to package them. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making the darn things, you want them to look good too!

But you also want something easy and inexpensive…that’s not asking for much now, is it??

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’re going to share our top 6 cookie bag ideas to help you through this holiday season! In fact, all of these ideas can be used throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

Here we go…

Cookie bag idea #1 – cello bags

cookie bag

For our top 6 cookie bag list, we had to start with cello bags! These are THE perfect packaging choice for your cookies. With many sizes to choose from, you can package up single cookies or make multi cookie packs.

Totally clear and with a crisp feel, cello bags make your cookies look amazing! Just add some ribbon tied at the top.

TIP: cello bags are inexpensive so they’re the perfect cookie bag for fundraisers and bake sales.


Cookie bag idea #2 – windowed coffee bags

cookie bag

Yes, you’ve seen them in your local coffee shop! These are in fact, coffee bags. What makes them ideal for homemade cookies though is the lining inside. This way, you don’t have to worry about any butter seeping through the bag.

You can even stamp, stencil and paint on them. Or just add some ribbon to your cookie bag as we did in the above photo.

TIP: coffee bags can also be filled with dry ingredients for muffins, scones or cookies. Just remember to include the recipe!


Cookie bag idea #3 – lined paper bags

cookie bag

Now these paper bags (also known as gourmet bags) are also lined which helps prevent any butter seeping through. Slide a couple of yummy cookies inside and fold over the top of the bag. Then we tied some baker’s twine around the bag and added a little tag.

TIP: these lined paper bags can also be stamped, stenciled and painted on.


Cookie bag idea #4 – handled gift bags

cookie bag

The possibilities are endless when it comes to handled gift bags. With some many colours and holidays patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find something!

Gift bags make great cookie bags because you can include multiple smaller bags inside. Just add a perfect bow, with our step by step tutorial here.

TIP: they’re the ideal cookie bag for baking swaps/exchanges…festive and functional!


Cookie bag idea #5 – cone shaped cello bags

cookie bag

Cone bags are one of my favorites. They’re so versatile…you can fill them with candies, nuts, popcorn and of course, cookies!

Since they’re inexpensive, cone bags are great for fundraisers, bake sales and school projects. Not to mention teacher, coach and neighbor gifts and even as favors for dinner guests!

TIP: make some cone bags with Snowman Soup (hot cocoa mix) to go along with your cookies. Here’s our how-to Snowman Soup video!


Cookie bag idea #6 – peel and stick bags

cookie bag

These peel and stick bags are made of the same material as the cello bags at the top. The wonderful thing about these is that they have a peel away strip on the back! This way you can seal your cookie bag without needing any tape. This is so handy if you have to package a lot of cookies!

TIP: transporting cookies in these bags is also easier since they can be laid flat inside boxes.

And there you have it, our top 6 cookie bag ideas for the holidays! Now get baking!

Interested in another easy way to package your cookies? Take a look at this post!

All of the cookies in this post were made by the uber talented Stacie from Sugar Love Cookie Designs (@sugarlovecookiedesigns) Thanks Stacie!!



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