We see it every year…

The overwhelmed employee walks into our Store with the “deer-in-the-headlights” look and says,

help me…My boss sent me in to get wrapping stuff for our company’s christmas gifts…what do i need?

Every single year.

My personal favourite is when they’ve been sent to get “wrapping stuff” and they don’t even have the gifts yet!! The quest for corporate gift packaging can be a really stressful situation for everyone. The employee. The boss. Even us!

Corporate gift giving during the holidays is an important business tradition. It can be thanking long term clients for their loyalty.

Or it can be building relationships with new clients.

It can even be rewarding employees for their hard work.

No matter what the reason, you want to give the right gift. Giving beautifully packaged gifts shows that you care and reflects on the company as a whole.

This job is often done by volunteers or employees. We appreciate that they may not have enough help, time or even wrapping experience which only adds to the stress level!

To help with that, we compiled this list of 8 corporate gift packaging ideas. We’re confident that these ideas will make things just a little easier this year!

8 Corporate gift packaging ideas-


Corporate gift packaging

#1- Garment/Clothing Boxes-

One of the most popular (and easiest) ways to gift package clothing has to be the 2 piece garment box. These boxes have a top and box that fit easily into each other and come in a variety of sizes. Garment boxes can then be covered with wrapping paper.

The ultimate option is to have your garment boxes custom branded with your company logo (as shown in the photo above). Then all you would need is some holiday ribbon to dress up your box.

In the photo below, we used a 2 piece rigid gift box . This box is similar to a garment box but is sturdier and has a nicer finish. The rigid gift boxes do not need to be wrapped.

Corporate gift packaging

Both of these boxes are ideal for gifts of logo-ed jackets, shirts, fleece or even blankets.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: On our sample above, we added a wide band of tissue paper (the same pattern as on the inside of the box). Then we also attached some holiday ribbon, which we taped under the lid. This adds some creative wrapping to your box without adding much cost.

Corporate gift packaging

#2- Gift Bags

Gift bags are perfect for multi piece gifts, as each item can be wrapped individually and then placed inside the bag. This makes gift bags quick and easy to use! They’re also an economical alternative to putting together a more elaborate gift basket.

Just add some co-ordinating seasonal patterned tissue paper in the top of the bag and tie a nice bow on the handle.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: Learn how to make this easy Cheater bow (shown on the gift bag above) with our tutorial here . Then you can add them to all your corporate gift packaging!

Corporate gift packaging

#3- Cello Basket Bags

Cello basket bags have a lot going for them:

  • they’re clear so you can see what’s inside
  • very economical, which is good if you’re wrapping a lot of gifts
  • come in a variety of sizes so you’re likely to find one that fits your needs

These bags are ideal for bulky items such as clothing and blankets but they also work well for wrapping up gift baskets (see gable box photo below).

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: Add a bow using custom branded ribbon (as in the photo above). This is the ultimate must-have for corporate gift packaging!

Corporate gift packaging

#4- Gable Boxes

The big plus with gable boxes is that you can use them 2 different ways: opened like a gift basket (as in the photo above) or filled and given closed (as in the photo below).

Corporate gift packaging

Either way, gable boxes are a unique and cost effective alternative to a wicker gift basket. They’re ideally suited for gifts of gourmet foods, baked goods, coffees/teas, chocolates, bath/body care products or even themes such as “movie night” or “spa kit”.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: If you’re using an opened gable box as a gift basket, use cello basket bags to wrap them up. Learn how to use the basket bags in our gift basket tutorial here.

#5- Wine Carriers

Gifts of “good cheer” are very popular during the holidays! Wine carriers are an elegant corporate gift packaging choice for gifts of wine or craft beer. Carriers are available in 1 bottle size and up to 6 bottle size. They’re easy to pop open, fill, and ribbon making your corporate gift packaging easy! The built in handle makes them convenient to carry and transport.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: Try wrapping each bottle in a sheet of patterned or colored tissue paper to enhance the presentation (and keep the wine varieties a surprise!)

Corporate gift packaging

#6- Giftware Box

If you want your holiday gifts to be a surprise until they’re opened, then giftware boxes are an excellent corporate gift packaging option. With so many sizes to chose from, you can usually find a box for just about any shaped gift.

Giftware boxes are great for gourmet foods, ornaments, tablewares, logo-ed mugs, water bottles, and small gifts. In the photo above, we used a black coloured giftware box (which didn’t need to be wrapped with paper) and just added some holiday ribbon.

Corporate gift packaging

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: It really adds to the presentation when you line the inside of the box with some holiday patterned or coloured tissue paper (as in the above photo).

Corporate gift packaging

#7- Hardbottom Cello Bags

A really good feature of these hardbottom cello bags is that they have a small piece of cardboard inserted in the bottom of the bag. This makes them perfect for gifts that may need a little extra stability (such as the coffee mug in the photo above). They also work well for small multi piece gifts of gourmet foods, chocolates, teas and coffee.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: Co-ordinate the colour of the basket shred in the bottom of your bag with the ribbon in the bow.

Corporate gift packaging

#8- Berkley Gift Card Boxes

Last but certainly not least we have the Berkley box. This 2 piece gift card box comes with precut slits to hold your gift card securely in place. Gift cards have become increasingly popular not only as corporate gifts but also as employee gifts. Packaging gift cards in a box such as this makes the recipient feel like they still get to open a gift.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKAGING TIP: Try tying your ribbon corner to corner (as shown in the above photo) for something a little different.


And that’s it!

Piece of cake, right?! Right!

We’ve equipped you with the ideas, now it’s time to get wrapping!


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