pretzel flowers for spring

Sometimes an easy and creative project comes along that you know is going to be YOUR signature “thing”, right?!

Well, this is the one for me!!

My co-worker, Diane, introduced me to these fabulous daisy pretzel bites recently and I just LOVE them!! They’re the perfect mix of sweet and salty AND they’re so darn cute.

The other great thing about them is that they make the sweetest gifts for just about any occasion.

Daisy pretzel bites for Mother’s Day!

pretzel flowers for spring

What a sweet gift that any Mom would love to get!

Since these daisy pretzel bites are easy enough for kids to make (with adult supervision), this really makes them an ideal Mom gift. Kids can make them, package them and give them!

For special occasions!

pretzel flowers for spring

Pretzel flowers are also perfect as party favours for any special occasion, such as baby/ bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries or other spring events.

For spring fairs and fundraisers!

pretzel flowers for spring

Daisy pretzel flowers are an inexpensive (and creative!) fundraising item. You can package them up to sell at bake sales, school fundraisers, church bazaars and spring fairs.


Don’t forget to package up your daisy pretzel bites!

pretzel flowers for spring

These pretty little daisy pretzel bites are just begging to be beautifully wrapped up! And of course, you want to show them off in something clear so you can really see them.

A clear box like the one in the above photo, is an ideal way to present your pretzel flowers. The box also protects them from breaking since they’re a bit fragile. Add some pretty ribbon and you’re set!

pretzel flowers for spring

You can colour co-ordinate your ribbon to the occasion such as a shower or birthday party. Oh, and don’t forget to add a little tag!

pretzel flowers for spring

Another way you can package your daisy pretzels is in a cello bag. They can be in a plain cello bag (on the right side of the photo) or in a cello bag with a cardboard in the bottom so they can stand up (on the left side of the photo).

Remember, ribbons and tags make everything look even prettier!

Ready to try making your own daisy pretzels bites? Once you see how easy they are to make, you’ll be have them on repeat for any occasion you can think of!

Here’s the recipe we used, from Kelli at Freebie Finding Mom. Enjoy!!