We’ve all been there before…

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort picking out (or making) the perfect gift to give.

You want to wrap it in an equally perfect way. But how??

Well, your gifts deserve to sparkle in a luxurious box…an easy to make diy glitter box!

All you need is a plain gift or jewelry box, some spray glue and glitter, that’s it. Just add a bold pop of colour with some ribbon and you’ve got a gorgeously wrapped gift.

It’s also a great way to recycle used gift boxes or upscale plain ones. Just pre-glitter a bunch of boxes, in all different sizes, so they’re ready for when you need a quick wrap.


Make your own diy glitter gift box-

diy glitter gift box

For our diy glitter gift box project, we used these plain white jewelry boxes with removable lids. Of course you can use colored boxes for a different look.

diy glitter gift box

Supplies you’ll need-


Step #1 – Start spraying!

diy glitter gift box

Working in a well ventilated room, or outside, lightly spray the lid of your box with the spray glue.

Make sure you’ve covered your workspace with paper. The spray glue can get a bit messy!


Step #2 – Get glittering!

diy glitter gift box

Once your box lid has been sprayed, it’s time to apply the glitter. This is the fun part!

We sprinkled the glitter over an open box to make clean up easier. Glitter can be messy too! This is starting to sound like a messy project, isn’t it?!?!


Step #3- Wrap the ribbon!

diy glitter gift box

After you’ve let your lid dry overnight, you’re ready to add some yummy ribbon!

Click here for complete instructions on how to make this perfect bow for your diy glitter box lid.

diy glitter gift box

All you have to do now is…fill your box!

Not only is your diy glitter box beautiful to give, it also makes a gorgeous storage box. You definitely wouldn’t want to throw it away!

diy glitter gift box

Tired of giving gift cards in an envelope or card?

Looking for a stunning alternative??

Use a diy glitter gift box! It definitely makes giving a gift card a little more special.