carrot shaped treat bagss

I fondly remember being in Grade 1 and just loving Friday afternoons when we’d do crafty things. My teacher, Mrs. McKenzie was uber creative and always made those afternoons so much fun. Everything we made had to have some glitter, pipe cleaner or ribbon on it!

Who knew that an Easter project back then would inspire a blog post many (many!) years later!

Our DIY Easter bunny treat bags are a touch “fancier” as we’ll be using white paper bags instead of the plain brown ones we used in school. Not sure if they even had white bags back then!

Since this project is amazingly simple and doesn’t require much in the way of supplies, anyone can make it including young children. This would be ideal for a classroom, group activity, Easter party fun or fundraising project.

diy easter bunny treat bags

To start, you’ll need a plain white paper bag (grocery type, lunch bag style). Any small size will work. We used a 2lb. and a 4lb. size – see photo below for size comparison.
Lay your bag flat on your table. Using a pair of scissors, trim the top of your bag to look like 2 ears (like we did in the photo above).

diy easter bunny treat bags

Next, using a pink (or black) fine point marker or gel pen, draw 2 eyes and a nose like we did in the photo above.

diy easter bunny treat bags

Now you’re ready to fill your Easter bunny treat bags with all sorts of goodies! Cookies, candies, chocolates and gummies would all be perfect fillers for your bag.
Once you’ve filled the bag, use a length of ribbon to tie a simple bow just below the ears. This will secure the bag and make your Easter bunny treat bag a little prettier!

diy easter bunny treat bags

So this spring, have some fun and try your hand at making these Easter bunny treat bags. They’re super easy and really won’t take long to do, even with little hands helping you!



Here’s another version of our bunny bag that we did recently. The only difference with this one, besides using natural kraft bags, was that we cut out small tissue paper circles for the bunny cheeks.

diy easter bunny treat bags

Looking for another easy Easter project? Make these carrot shaped treat bags!

easter bunny treat bags