Easter bunny treat box

It’s not a secret…everyone LOVES Easter treats!

Kids and adults alike enjoy getting yummy chocolates and candies for Easter.

Instead of just putting them all in a candy bag or basket, make our adorable Easter bunny treat box instead!

The best part is it’s quick and easy to do and you don’t need many supplies.

Let’s get started on our Easter treat box!


Easter bunny treat box!

Step #1- Supplies for your bunny box!

Easter bunny treat box

To make your Easter bunny treat box you’ll need a plain white gift box and a sharp box cutter. Our gift box measures 3″ x 3″ x 3″ but you can use any size you’d like.

You’ll also need a pencil to draw your ears with. Have an eraser handy so you can erase and pencil lines after you cut out your ears.


Step #2- Drawing your ears!

Easter bunny treat box

Now find the “lid” part of your box.

The lid on the box that we used has a “tuck” part that inserts into the box to keep the lid down. You’ll want to draw your ears on the lid part and stop where the tuck part starts.

Make sure your ears are centered on the lid (don’t want a lopsided bunny!).


Step #3 – Cutting out your ears!

Easter bunny treat box

CAREFULLY begin to cut out your bunny ears with the box cutter.

The key here is to go SLOW!

Be sure not to cut the bottom of the ears where they meet the tuck part!! The ears need to be attached here so they can stand up.


Step #4 – Decorating your bunny!

Easter bunny treat box

Now that you’ve popped open your box and folded your ears up, it’s time to decorate!

You’ll need a black permanent marker, some ribbon and double sided tape.

Easter bunny treat box

Using your permanent marker, draw your bunny’s face.

We chose to make our face fairly simple but you can make yours any way you wish.

Easter bunny treat box

Then make a small bow with your ribbon.

Using the double sided tape, attach the bow to the base of the bunny ears, on the lid part of the box.


Step #5 – Filling your bunny!

Easter bunny treat box

One last step and you’re done.

Filling your Easter bunny box is the fun part! Now if you’ve chosen treats that are already packaged or sealed somehow, then you can just place them in the box.

However, if you’re treats aren’t packaged yet, you’ll need to put them into a candy bag before putting them into you box. This will preserve the freshness and keep them from messing up the inside of the box, especially if there’s chocolate!

That’s it! Pretty easy, right?!

Now that you’ve made one Easter bunny treat box, why not make a whole bunch of them??

They would look super cute as table favors on your Easter table too!


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