gift wrap an album

Photo albums, or photo books, are a wonderfully thoughtful gift for any occasion. They’re filled with beautiful memories of children growing up, school life, weddings, special events and family vacations.

And while they make great gifts, how to gift wrap a photo album often presents some challenges. Usually, a gift bag isn’t the right size or shape and if it’s just wrapped in tissue paper or gift wrap, it can rip easily.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating this one-of-a-kind memory for someone special.

You want to wrap it so it looks amazing and really wows the recipient.

How are you going to do that??

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with the best way to wrap a photo album!!

gift wrap a photo album

Remember, a beautifully wrapped gift says a lot!

It says that you cared to put thought and effort into making this gift something truly special.

And who wouldn’t just LOVE to open a gift like this?!

Imagine the look on the face of that graduate, Grandparent or beloved friend when they see your beautifully wrapped gift!

Ready to learn the best way to gift wrap a photo album??

Let’s get started!!


How to gift wrap a photo album-

gift wrap a photo album

It all starts with a sturdy gift box that has a removable lid!

A gift box, like the one in the above photo, not only protects the album inside but can also be an ideal way to store the album so it doesn’t get damaged.

Our gift box measures 12″ long by 9″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall.

Then, you’ll need a sheet of tissue paper, gift basket shred/filler, some ribbon and tinsel cord.

gift wrap a photo album

Remove the gift box lid so we can prepare the base first.

gift wrap a photo album

Take your sheet of tissue paper and lay it out lengthwise in front of you, as shown above.

Then, fold in the top and bottom sides so that it’s about 9″ wide (the width of the gift box). We also folded in the sides of the tissue paper sheet to create a nice edge.

gift wrap a photo album

Now, lay the folded sheet of tissue paper inside the base of the gift box, as we did in the above photo.

gift wrap a photo album

Next, cover the bottom of gift box with the gift basket shred/filler. This will provide some cushioning and protection for the photo album. It also adds some color!

gift wrap a photo album

A nice way to tie in the colours of your gift wrap is to add some ribbon to the album itself. In the above photo, we added a nice double knot bow in green satin ribbon, which will match the ribbon that will go on the outside of the gift box.

gift wrap a photo album

Now you can place the photo album inside the gift box, on the gift basket shred bottom.

gift wrap a photo album

Fold in one side of the tissue paper that overhangs outside of the box.

gift wrap a photo album

Then, fold in the other side to completely cover the photo album.

gift wrap a photo album

Now to fancy up the lid of the gift box.

We used the same black tissue paper as the one we used inside the gift box to make a band on the outside.

Then we add a green satin ribbon bow on top of the tissue paper band. We also made a smaller bow with the silver tinsel cord for contrast and so you can attach a gift tag.

gift wrap a photo album

For complete instructions on how to add this perfect bow to your gift box, click here.

gift wrap a photo album

And there you have it…the best way to gift wrap a photo album!!

gift wrap a photo album

By attaching the satin bow and the tissue paper band to the lid, you can easily remove the lid without ruining the beautiful wrapping.

This also allows your recipient to conveniently store the photo album in the same gift box.

gift wrap a photo album

What a beautiful way to present this thoughtful gift! Your recipient will appreciate your efforts and enjoy opening the gift.

So the next time you create a photo album for someone special, wrap it up like we did here today!

gift wrap a photo album


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