ice cream gift basket

You’d like to put together an amazing gift basket for someone but just don’t know what to include? It can be challenging, for sure!

Here’s an idea: think of something that they REALLY love or enjoy. For example, ice cream. If the person you’re giving the gift basket to really loves ice cream, then that’s a great place to start!

Create the ultimate ice cream gift basket for them!!

And really, who doesn’t love ice cream, right?! An ice cream gift basket is great gift idea for anyone, of any age and for any occasion too.

Just follow these easy step-by-step instructions!

Ice cream gift basket – steps to creating the ultimate one!

All the pieces!

ice cream gift basket

First, you’ll need some supplies: we chose to use a gift box as our “basket” base. The natural kraft colored gift box we used measures 8″ x 8″ x 3 1/2″ but you can really use any size (it mostly depends on how much you’ll be putting into your basket).

Then, you’ll need some basket shred/stuffing for inside, some satin ribbon, tinsel cord and clear cello basket bags or clear cello wrap. We also used some wooden spoons and ice cream cups in our basket.

ice cream gift basket

Now, you’ll need to fold the lid of the box over in half (like we did in the photo above). This will make a nice sturdy back that you can lean some of the items against. Secure the folded part with tape to keep it down.

ice cream gift basket

Then, place the basket shred in the base of your box. We decided to use a natural kraft colour to match the color of the box. You can also use any other colour you’d like.

ice cream gift basket

We attached a red ribbon around the base of the box to add some color and it’s also a good spot to add a chocolate bar!

ice cream gift basket

The plain white ice cream cups were transformed into something a bit more fun with the addition of washi tape and patterned paper! You can get as creative as you’d like with these.

We also tied the wooden spoons together with some pretty red ribbon to match the other ribbon we used on the outside of the box.

ice cream gift basket

Some items you can include in your ice cream gift basket: syrups, sprinkles, candies and gift cards.


Putting together your ice cream gift basket!

ice cream gift basket

A good tip to remember is to place the heavy, bulkier or taller items towards the back. In our case, we put the heavy syrup bottle at the back so it can lean against the box lid.

We decided to clip the card and gift card to the box lid, as shown in the above photo. This helped to fill in the space and added some color in the gift basket.

ice cream gift basket

Next, we added the cups and sprinkles into our ice cream gift basket.

ice cream gift basket

Little items, such as the spoons and candies, are great to fill in any empty spots!


Wrapping it up!

ice cream gift basket

Now that you’ve got everything positioned in the box, place the whole gift basket into a clear cello basket bag. These flat bags are made from the same material as clear cello wrap but have been formed into bags to make wrapping gift baskets easier.

For the gift basket above, we used the 24″ x 30″ sized clear cello basket bag. These bags come in many different sizes to fit almost any size of gift basket.

ice cream gift basket

After you’ve placed your gift basket into the clear cello basket bag, you’re ready to tie the top. For this, we used thin tinsel cord. It’s easy to use, non wired and won’t puncture the bag.

Make sure you tie the bag as close to the tallest items in your gift basket. This will help keep the items from moving around and keep the cello looking nice and tidy.

Another thing to remember is to tape the corners of the clear cello basket bag under the box. This extra step can really make an average gift basket look amazing!

ice cream gift basket

All that’s left to do now is add a bow for the top!

For this gift basket, we made a simple Cheater Bow in red satin ribbon to match the ribbon around the box. Complete instructions on how to make a Cheater Bow can be found in this blog post, How To Tie A Perfect Bow.

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Gift basket tower

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