ice cream party

Tell me, who DOESN’T love ice cream?!?!

Ok, there may be some debate over what kind of ice cream you like but I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people think ice cream is AWESOME!

So, an ice cream party would be a super cool way to celebrate a special occasion, right?!?!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid, or a kid at heart, an ice cream party is a great party theme idea. It could be ideal for a baby shower, birthday, or even a summer fun party.


Here are 5 cool ideas you can use for your ice cream party-

ice cream party


#1. Table centerpieces-

ice cream party

These fun and easy to make centerpieces are a perfect way to decorate for your ice cream party. Use them on guest tables, food/buffet/candy tables or as decor elements around your indoor or outdoor party areas.

ice cream party

Simply use a hot/cold take out container as the base for your centerpiece.

Then follow the easy, step by step instructions on how to make a tissue flower (which we used as our “ice cream” top).

To make different “flavors” for your ice cream top, just use 2 or 3 different tissue paper colours (like we did in the photo above).


#2. Party Favours-

ice cream party

Favors are “a little something” for your guests to take home after the party. They’re a yummy reminder of how fun the party was!

For your ice cream party, try these white favor bags with your own printed messages on them. Simply take a small white grocery bag and put them through your printer to print out your party message.

Then add some pretty ribbon for that final touch!


#3. Cute packaging-

ice cream party

No ice cream party would be complete without some super cute, packaged up treats!!

And these clear cone bags are PERFECT!! They’re ideally shaped to fit an ice cream cone in the point and can be filled with little candies, popcorn, cotton candy and so much more.

You can package these up ahead of time then have your guests can enjoy them at the party as they mingle.


#4. Ice cream accents-

ice cream party

No matter if your ice cream party is indoors or out, it’s nice to have some themed accents scattered about.

Make tiny ice cream cones, like in the above photo, and attach them onto anything, including the gifts! Dangle them from light fixtures or patio umbrellas too. You can even string some of them together to make a garland that you can attach anywhere at your ice cream party.

ice cream party

Or you can make a JUMBO ice cream like the one I’m holding above!! Follow the same instructions for the tissue paper flowers, just make them BIGGER!

How fun would this ice cream cone be as a photo prop?!?!


#5. Pretty ribbons-

ice cream party

While I MAY have a bit of a ribbon obsession, you have to admit that colourful ribbons do make everything just a little prettier!

Ribbons are just so versatile and are an easy way to co-ordinate your ice cream party colors. Try using some curling ribbon for balloons, satin ribbon on gifts and grosgrain ribbon for your centerpieces.

There are so many cool possibilities when it comes to making your ice cream party awesome!

Give some of these ideas a try and let us know how YOUR ice cream party turned out 🙂


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