tissue paper carnation

You’re having a party next weekend and you’d like to give your guests a little favour to take home. You want to try something different, something you haven’t done before.

You’re drawing a blank.


No problem, we’ve got your back!

Here’s an easy and beautiful favour idea that you can whip up in no time!

A tissue paper carnation favour!

tissue paper carnation


You can make up a tissue paper carnation using cookies, candies or even chocolates inside.

Let’s show you how!


How to make a tissue paper carnation-

Step #1- Pick your tissue paper!

tissue paper carnation

For our sample, we used 2 different shades of pink tissue paper but you can use just use one shade if you prefer. Our tissue sheets each measure 20″ wide x 30″ long.


Step #2- Measure and cut!

tissue paper carnation

Fold your tissue paper sheet in half so it measures 20″ wide x 15″ long. Now, cut out a 14″ x 14″ square (you’ll get 2 of these squares from a single sheet of tissue paper).

You’ll need 2 squares for a single tissue paper carnation favour.


Step #3- Fold and trim!

tissue paper carnation

Next, take your 14″ square of tissue paper and fold it in half and half again so you end up with a 7″ square (see the left side sample above).

With the fold along the top, cut a rounded end (see the right side sample above).


Step #4- Scallop and fringe!

tissue paper carnation

After you’ve made your rounded end, give it a gentle scallop with your scissors. This will give your tissue paper carnation a bit more depth to it.

Then, take the tip of your scissors and make small cuts into the scallops (approximately 1″ long and close together). This will create a fringe and make your tissue paper carnation look more realistic.


Step #5- Open and fill!

tissue paper carnation

Now you’re ready to open up your tissue paper carnation favour and start filling it!

For our sample, we decided to use 2 small cookies. You’ll notice that we put our cookies in a small cello bag. This is so the cookies stay fresher and the butter wouldn’t seep through the tissue paper. The last thing you want to do is give out a greasy looking party favour, right?


Step #6- Tie and tag!

tissue paper carnation

Slowly start gathering the tissue paper and tie it off just above the cookies inside (like we did in the above photo). Tinsel cord is best for tying as it won’t damage the delicate tissue paper.

tissue paper carnation

Here’s the top view of your tissue paper carnation. Looks like a real carnation!

tissue paper carnation

Add a tag thanking your guests for coming to your special event.

tissue paper carnation

Arrange them on a side table for your guests to take as they leave. Or place them on each table setting which will add some colour to your table decor.

Tissue paper carnations make ideal favours for showers, birthday parties and weddings. Since they’re very affordable to make, they would also make great table decor for school functions and fundraiser banquets.

Give them a try for your next special event!

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