proposal gift boxes

Ok, you’ve probably heard about them, maybe even seen one on Pinterest but…

…what exactly IS a proposal gift box??

Simply put, a proposal gift box is a unique and creative way to ask your bridal party to stand by your side on the big day! Both bridesmaids and groomsmen can be asked with their own proposal gift boxes made just for them.

Now when it comes to proposal gift boxes, the sky’s the limit! They can be small and simple or over-the-top and elaborate, the choice is yours. But putting some thought into planning your gift boxes will really make the whole process much easier.

We’ve put together some things to consider when planning your proposal gift boxes.


5 Tips for planning your proposal gift boxes-

  • THEME- Consider the theme of your wedding. Will it be simple and rustic or large and elaborate? Your gift boxes should reflect the same theme. You may also want to consider a colour theme for the items going inside your box.
  • BUDGET- Set a budget for your gift box. It’ll make it easier when sourcing out the items you’d like to include
  • RECIPIENT- Think about the person you’re asking. What are some things that person likes? Consider customizing each proposal gift box to the individual receiving it
  • CONTENTS- Include thoughtful items for the special day such as perfume/cologne, candies/mints or meaningful things like small engraved gifts/jewelry
  • TIME- Allow enough time. Decide when you’d like to give your proposal gift boxes. Then, give yourself enough time to put them together, especially if you’re including items that are being personalized/engraved

Ok, now that you’ve done your planning, it’s time to get started!


Putting it all together-

bridal party gift boxes

Below we’ve put together 4 different bridal party proposal gift boxes. The first 2 are for the best man/groomsmen and the second 2 are for the maid of honour/bridesmaids. But really, any of the gift box ideas can be swapped around and changed. These are just meant to be inspirations for you!

A really good place to start is to get ALL your items together. Lay them out on your work space so you can see what you’ve got. You can either start grouping the items together for each box OR group same items and work in an assembly line format.


The Bridesmaids gift boxes-

proposal gift boxes

Bridal party gift boxes can literally be any size you’d like. It really just depends on what items you’d like to put inside.

This 2 piece gift box (9″x9″x4.5″) has been one of our most popular gift box sizes. It’s the perfect size to hold a good assortment of items and it’s the one we’ll use for our sample below.

Gift box supplies

The wrapping supplies you’ll be needing-

proposal gift boxes

The first thing you’ll want to do is line your gift box with the tissue paper. You’ll need to fold the tissue sheet lengthwise so that it’s the same width as your gift box. That way it’ll fit in perfectly.

Center the tissue sheet so that you have about the same amount hanging over on both sides.

proposal gift boxes

Next, take your sheets of packing paper, crumple them and set them in the bottom of your gift box. These crumple sheets will help to keep the heavier items from sinking down. Depending on how heavy your items are, you may need to add more packing paper sheets in the bottom.

proposal gift boxes

Then sprinkle the basket shred/filler on top of the crumpled packing paper. The shred adds some colour and has a much nicer presentation then the packing paper.

The basket filler we chose is white with metallic silver pieces to match with the silver stars patterned tissue paper. This creates a co-ordinated base that will enhance the items placed on it.

Ready to assemble-

Bridesmaid gifts

Here are some of the items that we’re including in our bridesmaid proposal gift box. Don’t forget to add a little something to each of them, such as co-ordinating ribbon or a tag.

We also wrapped the macaron (that’s inside the glass) in a clear cello bag and even packaged the decorated cookies in their own clear box.

proposal gift boxes

Next, decide how you’re going to place them in the gift box. In the case of breakable items, move some of the basket shred around for added protection.

proposal gift boxes

Once you’ve got all your items arranged inside the way you’d like, fold over the 2 tissue paper flaps. Here’s a perfect place to add a little tag or card.

proposal gift boxes

When that’s all done, just put the lid on and you’re set! How easy was that??

Some people also choose to enhance the outside of their proposal gift boxes. You can have them personalized with the recipient’s name or you can simply add a beautiful bow. That’s totally up to you.

Another version-

proposal gift boxes

Here’s another version we created using a different type of box. This one measures 6″x6″x2.5″ and has a nice window in the lid so you can see some of the contents inside.

proposal gift boxes

We followed the same steps as in the previous box above but didn’t need any packing paper as this box isn’t as deep. The gray coloured basket shred works well in the bottom, providing a neutral colour base for the items inside.

proposal gift boxes

To enhance the outside of the box, we added some ribbon on the diagonal and added a tag.


The Groomsmen gift boxes-

proposal gift boxes

For this proposal gift box, we used the same box as we did for the first bridesmaid one but this time in black as it co-ordinated better with our items.

proposal gift boxes

To add a little pop of colour, we chose a rich blue ribbon that matched up with the blue in the tie. The blue ribbon was added to a plain black box which made it stand out much more.

proposal gift boxes

Another version-

proposal gift boxes

Another version we did for the groomsmen was this smaller presentation box. Since this box comes with a handy platform inside, it was easy to attach the items so they wouldn’t move around.

proposal gift boxes

When it comes to putting together your bridal party proposal gift boxes, there’s really no limit to what you can create! And remember, a little planning ahead will make it all flow easier. So get creative and have some fun!


More creative ideas for your proposal gift boxes-

White 2 piece gift boxes

If you want to get a bit creative and wrap the lid of your gift box, CLICK HERE for the complete (and easy) instructions!

Gift basket tower

Another way you can do your proposal box is to wrap it up like a gift basket! CLICK HERE for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

how to tie a perfect bow

And if you’re needing a little help tying a beautiful bow, then look no further! CLICK HERE to see how you can tie a perfect bow every time!

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