Gift basket tower

Does this sound familiar…

You enjoy making gift baskets for the holidays but you find yourself stuck with the same boring old idea of items in a wicker basket?

Are you desperately looking for a fresh new way to spice up your gift baskets?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

This year, try something a little different…a gift basket tower!

Gift basket tower

What’s a gift basket tower, you may ask??

It’s a stacked group of decorated boxes, in various sizes, filled with all types of treats. Yes, maybe simple but it’s such a unique alternative to the usual wicker gift basket, don’t you think??

We’ll show you how easy it is to create this stunning gift basket tower!


How to put together a gift basket tower-

Step 1 – Get your boxes together

Gift basket tower

Decide on what sizes and how many boxes you’ll need for your gift basket tower. The sizes will depend on what you’ll be filling them with. You should keep in mind that you’ll want a variety so they stack nicely and easily.

For our gift basket tower, we used natural kraft colored gift boxes in 3 different sizes:#33, #44 and #83. We also used some white cookie boxes.


Step 2 – Fill your boxes

Gift basket tower

Now the fun part is filling your boxes! Your gift basket tower can be filled with all sorts of gourmet treats such as candies, chocolates, cookies, nuts and baked items.

You can also make a gift basket tower with just about any other theme: spa, wellness, gourmet foods, movie night and so many more.


Step 3 – Stack your boxes

Gift basket tower

Once you’ve got your boxes filled, it’s time to start stacking. With the largest at the bottom, see how they’ll best fit together.


Step 4 – Decorate/secure your boxes

Gift basket tower

Now this step actually does double duty: you’ll be adding decorative ribbon to make the gift basket tower a bit fancier AND you’ll also be helping to keep everything secure.

Notice on the middle row in the above photo, we added a length of printed ribbon to keep the 2 white cookie boxes securely attached to the natural kraft coloured box in the center.

Gift basket tower

Here’s a closeup of the ribbon. We just did a simple double knot on the front of the gift basket tower.

Gift basket tower

Then we added another piece of ribbon around the entire stack, from bottom to top, to keep all the boxes securely together.


Step 5 – A bow for your boxes

Gift basket tower

Of course every gift basket tower needs a gorgeous bow at the top!

For this stack, we decided to do simple Cheater Bow in luxurious brown satin ribbon. Just click here for easy step by step instructions on how to make this bow. Once you’ve made the bow, attach it to the top of you gift basket tower.

For something a little different, we added a sugar cookie ornament, created for us by the lovely Stacie at Sugarlove Designs. You can easily co-ordinate a cookie design with the overall gift basket tower theme.

Gift basket tower

And there you have it, a unique alternative to the usual wicker gift basket!

Remember, they can be made in any variety of sizes and shapes too. In the photo below, we even did a smaller gift basket tower consisting of just 2 small white boxes with reindeer stickers on them.

Gift basket tower

So the next time you’re needing a special gift for someone, give gift basket towers a try!

Gift basket tower

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Gift basket tower

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Gift basket tower





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