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These white 2 piece gift boxes have been one of our most popular products for years! Why is that, you ask? Let me share 5 reasons why…   1.They’re plain white- The fact that they’re plain white is one of the things that makes them so popular! Being all white, these gift boxes can...

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Anna is Vice President and Director of Marketing at Essential Packaging Inc. For the past 24 years, along with her husband of 25 years, David, she has helped to grow the company from a home based business into a thriving retail and online enterprise. Her love of creative packaging, marketing and small business life has lead her to the wonderful world of blogging. Now she writes on her 2 blogs, A Beautifully Wrapped Life and A Small Business Life. She enjoys kayaking with her son Matt, hikes with her constantly shedding Yellow Lab Soda and her 5 backyard chickens. Connect with her by CLICKING HERE Find out more about Essential Packaging at www.essentialpackaging.com

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