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I love all things tissue paper! Luckily I get to work with fellow paper addicts in a paper world at Essential Packaging. We often scour Pinterest looking for new ways we can use tissue paper. However, the one thing we get asked the most (literally everyday!) is how we make such gorgeous tissue paper flowers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Now tissue paper flowers have a lot of good things going for them-

  • lots of color choices
  • inexpensive to make
  • can be made in any size
  • an ideal decor item for any occasion
  • are quick to make

The best part? They’re EASY TO MAKE!! 

Tissue paper flowers in 6 simple steps-

Follow our 6 simple steps and you’ll have beautiful tissue flowers in no time!

Step #1- Get your tissue paper!

Tissue paper flower supplies
For our flowers, we use full 20″ x 30″ sheets of colored tissue paper

To start, you will need to decide on what colors of tissue paper sheets that you’d like for your flowers. You can make your flower all one colour or you can use 2 or more colours together in one flower. We usually use just 1 colour but that’s up to you.

Next, determine what size of flower you’d like. Use a full sheet for very large flowers (for wall decor or as a photo backdrop) or 1/8 of a sheet for small flowers (to be used on smaller favour boxes or gift packaging).

Then, stack 6-8 sheets of the tissue paper. Any less won’t make your flowers full enough but too many more sheets can make it too thick to work with.

Step # 2 – The accordion fold!

Tissue paper flowers accordian folding
Take your tissue paper sheets and make accordion folds

Place the tissue paper sheets lengthwise in front of you, going left to right. Then, start to accordion fold (back and forth) your tissue paper sheet working up the width of the sheet (from the bottom up to the top). Use a ruler, back of a knife or bone folder to crease the folds.

Step #3 – Cinch your middle!

Tissue paper flowers cinching the middle
Cinch the middle of you accordion folded tissue paper

Cinch your accordion folded tissue paper sheets in the middle using a length of tinsel cord to tie. Be sure that you make a double knot to secure the tinsel cord. Try not to make it too tight or the tissue paper may rip when you start to form the flowers.

Step #4 – Shape your ends!

Tissue paper flowers shape your ends
You can choose to shape your ends to create different types of flowers!

Now as you can see, the ends of your soon-to-be flowers are just straight. You can choose to leave them as is or you can trim them using scissors. This will give your tissue paper flowers a different look. Rounding the ends will make them look more like a rose. Cutting the ends more pointed can make them look more like a chrysanthemum or even a poinsettia if you use red tissue paper!

Step #5 – Forming your flower!

Tissue paper flowers forming the flower
Gently start pulling each tissue sheet to form the flower

Starting on one side, gently pull each layer of tissue paper towards the top centre of the flower where the tinsel cord tie is. See the flower starting to take shape?! Complete that side then do the same for the remaining side. You may need to do a little extra fluffing up on the finished flower.

Step #6 – Ready to decorate!

Tissue paper flowers ready to decorate
All done and ready to decorate!

Voila, you did it!! You’ve made a gorgeous tissue paper flower! Super easy, right?

Now, you’re ready to decorate. If you made a large one, you can use it on a wall. If you did a smaller one, use the tinsel cord to tie it onto a gift box. In the photo above, we tied sheer ribbon around the box first and then attached the tissue paper flower in the center.

Are you ready to start making a whole bunch of tissue paper flowers? I bet you are now that you’ve seen how easy they are to make! Head over to Essential Packaging to get tissue paper in some fabulous colours!


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