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From the chillier evenings to the beautifully colored leaves, fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. It’s also the time for one of my fave flowers to shine, the sunflower!

We really enjoyed creating this tissue paper sunflowers tutorial for you! Occasionally we’ve had people say that they’d love to try our projects but they’re just not creative or crafty. Well rest assured, this project is so easy to make, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to try it!


Creating your tissue paper sunflower-

tissue paper sunflowers
All you need to make these tissue paper sunflowers is some tissue, curling ribbon and scissors!

Before you begin making your tissue paper sunflowers, you will need 3 sheets of yellow tissue paper, brown tissue paper, curling ribbon , scissors and glue (or double sided tape).

tissue paper sunflowers

Let’s start with making the yellow petal part of the sunflower. Take 3 sheets of 20″x30″ yellow tissue paper and cut them in half to make 6 sheets of 15″x20″. Lay the stack of 6 sheets in front of you with the shortest side from right to left. Starting from the bottom, fan fold back and forth, till you get to the top of your tissue sheets. Use a small length of curling ribbon (12″-15″) and tie a double knot at the middle.

Tissue Paper Sunflowers
Follow the lines to cut the petals of your tissue paper sunflower

Now place you’re fan folded tissue stack flat on your work surface. We’ve used a black marker to show you how to cut your tissue paper ends to look like sunflower petals. You can do the same or try to cut it free hand. Note there is a red marker line as well. Save this step for later.

Tissue Paper Sunflowers
Be sure to cut both ends of you tissue paper sunflower

Next, repeat the above cutting step for the other side of your folded tissue stack. Both of the ends should now be cut the same way.

Tissue Paper Sunflowers
Open the folds and cut in along the red line to create the sunflower petals

Remember the red marker lines 2 steps ago? When you open your sunflower petals, make that small cut (about 1″) down the fold between each petal. This will help make the petals more definite and sunflower-like. Repeat for both sides of your folded tissue stack.

tissue paper sunflowers

Now slowly and carefully (tissue paper rips easily!) pull each layer of tissue paper up towards you and away from the folded stack. Repeat this step for each layer of tissue paper and for both sides of the folded tissue stack. Set aside your tissue paper sunflower for now.


Making the sunflower center-

tissue paper sunflowers

Let’s make your tissue paper sunflower center part now.

Take your sheet of brown tissue paper and cut a 10″ strip along the 30″ length. Now fold that strip in half so you have a 5″x30″ strip. Starting at one end, cut 1/4″ strips that stop about 1/4″ from the fold, all the way down the entire 30″ strip. Then, cut the 30″ strip in half so you end up with 2-15″ lengths of fringed tissue paper.

tissue paper sunflowers

Next, open the folded fringed lengths so that they are flat. Place the 2-15″ lengths of fringed tissue paper stacked on top of each other.

tissue paper sunflowers

Starting at one end of your fringed tissue lengths, twist both layers together by making short quarter turns. Keep twisting until you’re done the entire length.

tissue paper sunflowers

Then, take your twisted length of tissue paper and form it into a small circle. Staple or tape your circle in place so it doesn’t unravel.

tissue paper sunflowers

Place your yellow tissue sunflower on your work space. Put your tape/glue in the center of your sunflower. Place the fringed brown tissue center on top of the tape/glue and gently press down.


The finished sunflowers!

Tissue Paper Sunflowers
Use these beautiful tissue paper sunflowers to decorate your next special event!

That’s it, your tissue paper sunflowers are done! Use them to decorate for your next special occasion such as a baby/bridal shower, birthday party or fundraiser.

Tissue Paper Sunflowers
You can even use them to enhance your gift wrapping!
Tissue Paper Sunflowers
They even look great on the front of a gift bag!

You can also use your tissue paper sunflowers in your gift wrapping too. They’re perfect for the top of a gift box or even on the front of a gift bag.



Here’s another version of our tissue paper sunflowers that we recently tried-

Tissue Paper Sunflowers

This one was inspired by our Giant Tissue Paper Daisies post.


Want to make more fall inspired projects? Try making these tissue paper pumpkins here!

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

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