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Wine gift baskets are something I really enjoy giving. They’re perfect for just about anyone and any occasion. And you can customize them with favourite wines, fancy cheeses, crackers and such.

But don’t you find that the ready made ones are kinda boring? And expensive??

You can do better, I know you can! It’s easy once you know the steps. Then you’ll be a wine gift basket making pro in no time!

Steps to putting together a wine gift basket-

Step #1 – Think about your items

wine gift basket

This may seem kinda obvious but trust me, it really helps to preplan what you’re going to put into your wine gift basket. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pick out “the right” bottle from a wine shop.

Try to find out ahead of time if your recipient has a preference (red or white, rose or bubbly) and even a favorite brand. This will makes things go a lot smoother!

Natural wine gift basket partners include cheeses, crackers, olives, chocolates, jams, dips, fruit and baked goods. Non-food items can be wine glasses, corkscrews, cocktail napkins, small plates and little cheese knives.

Of course all this depends on the occasion, how big of a basket you’d like to make and how much you’d like to spend on it.


Step #2 – Get all your pieces together

wine gift basket

Yes, I know, this one seems even more obvious than the last one but it can really help reduce your stress level! You’ll thank me when you don’t have to run around the house holding your half done basket in one hand and searching for stuff with the other hand!

Lay everything out in front of you so you can see what you’re working with. This includes your wrapping materials as well as the contents of your wine gift basket. If you’re missing something, you can get it before you start putting things together.


Step #3 – Prepare your box

wine gift basket

Now it’s time to prepare the base for your wine gift basket.

For our sample, we’re using a white rigid gift box with a removable lid. We chose the 7″ x 7″ x 4″ size, which is ideal for a smaller gift basket.

These boxes are a great alternative to wicker baskets as they can be reused later as storage boxes.

The lid can be placed under the box (which we will do later in this post) or as backing for your basket, as shown in the photo above.

We used a length of satin ribbon to secure the lid to the box and add a little spot of colour.


Step #4 – Fill your wine gift basket

wine gift basket

Before you start filling, you’ll need to get the base ready with colourful basket shred (or basket filler). You want a good cushioning layer for your contents so nothing gets damaged or broken.

When placing your items inside your box, consider their sizes first. Layer taller items in the back and smaller items towards the front.

Think about weight distribution as well. You don’t want to put all the heavy items on one side. If you’re placing more than 1 bottle of wine in your gift basket, consider placing them on opposite sides to balance out the weight.


Step #5 – Wrap it up

wine gift basket

For this size of wine gift basket, we’re using a clear cello basket bag that measures 16″ x 20″. Basket bags are super easy to use and much more convenient thank cello wrap on rolls.

Simply place your gift basket into the basket bag and tie it up at the top. Yes, it’s that easy! To learn more about these awesome basket bags, see our blog post here!


Step #6 – Add a bow

wine gift basket

Of course no wine gift basket is complete without a gorgeous bow!

For our sample, we made a perfect bow using the same satin ribbon that we used to secure the lid to the box. See complete instructions on how to make a perfect bow here!

All you need to do then is attach your bow to the top of your cello basket bag like we did in the photo above.

wine gift basket

And that’s it!

Above are a couple of completed samples showing you different colour schemes you can use for your wine gift basket.

wine gift basket

Another option is to make a wine gift basket using the same rigid gift box with a removable lid but this time in a natural color. We also chose to put the lid under the box this time for another variation.

wine gift basket

Since our box is a natural colour, we decided to carry that same natural theme throughout the basket with ivory basket shred and natural coloured Wraphia ribbon.

All these little things add up to make a beautifully co-ordinated wine gift basket!

wine gift basket

Gather up the 16″ x 20″ clear cello basket bag the same way we did for the white gift box.

Notice how this wine gift basket doesn’t have a front side like the white one above did. This basket is to be viewed from all sides so you want to make sure it looks good all around.

wine gift basket

For our natural themed basket, we added a simple bow (shoelace style) with a few strands of Wraphia ribbon. Simple perfection!

Now that seems pretty easy, doesn’t it??

Just follow these simple steps, add some of your own creativity and you’ll be making gorgeous wine gift baskets in no time!

For more detailed instructions on how to wrap a gift basket, see our blog post here!

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